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Who we are

ELECTRIC WIND, SA is a capverdian company, with head office on the Island of São Vicente, Republic of Cabo Verde established on 2008, and working with wind power energy. It is the first Capeverdean IPP.

The shareholders are the capverdean company ELECTRIC, Lda owning 49% of the capital share and the dutch company V. KAAN BEHEER owning 51% of the capital share.

The joint venture company ELECTRIC WIND owns the Wind Park of Santo Antão, which is under operation since April 2011.

Moreover, the company ELECTRIC WIND sealed a partnership agreement with the electric national utility – ELECTRA for the recovery and operation of a 3×300 kW wind park on the Island of São Vicente, which is now operating since January 2018.

Strategic Vision

Cabo Verde is an archipelago country with nine inhabited islands, with a population of around 537.000 people. The electricity production on only four islands, counts for 91% of the total production, which was of 476.697 MWh on the year 2017.

The company ELECTRIC WIND aims to contribute to the gaining of national know-how on the conception, design, implementation and operation of small to medium size wind power systems.

Population and electricity production on 2017

Source: Instituto Nacional de Estatistícas and Electra Report 2017